Friday, 5 February 2016

Get Legal Advice from Employment Law Solicitors in Stockport to Resolve Issues

If you are running a business employing staff, it is likely that at some point you will require a legal consultation regarding employment law. You might have your own Human Resources Department available at your premises and whilst they will be able to deal with much of the day to day business of HR, they may need additional help or support should there be any difficulties with your employees. Sometimes employees are not up to scratch, perhaps they are absent without leave, or they’re stealing or are dishonest, often in these cases the employer will need to tread carefully with regard to disciplining or dismissing the member of staff concerned. Employment law solicitors in Stockport offer expert employment law consultation to business for a fixed fee and you can also customize their services according to your requirements. 

Discipline and the adherence to company codes of conduct is important among your workforce and essential if your business is to achieve its production targets.If an employee constantly flouts the terms of their employment then this leaves them liable for disciplinary action. The HR often take care of these issues on a daily basis by issuing warnings, notices or suspensions. The issue becomes more complex when it reached the point where an employee must be fired, without sufficient grounds and the correct process and paperwork in place, the task would prove to be potentially problematic. But the experienced solicitors from a firm of Employment law solicitors in Stockport would handle the matter in the most competent manner and with great ease. If required they will also represent the employers in courts, in employment tribunals etc. 

The Employment Law Solicitors Manchester are equally experienced in fighting for the employee rights and offer advice in matters of unfair dismissals, settlement agreements and other employee grievances. A settlement agreement is not valid until it is verified by a registered employment solicitor, so it is important for an employee to get counseling and legal support from an employment solicitor at the time of accepting a settlement agreement. Employment solicitors are huge help, interpreting the employment laws for individual employees and employers who would require their expertise to resolve issues in a work place. In the UK, we provide legal help relevant to employment laws to employers and employees and if you are in need of our help to resolve matters you can call us on 0161 667 6100 or alternatively email your requirements to

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