Friday, 18 December 2015

Do Not Sign Settlement Agreements without Counsel from Cheshire Employment Law Solicitors

When it comes to employment contracts, the contemporary laws we have in the UK hugely differ from the laws enforced many years ago by the feudal systems. In a feudal system, the employee or servant did not have much say in the matters of employee’s rights because there were no government or courts to restrict the feudal lords. But today it is the 21st century, and laws have been put in place to safeguard the interests of employees as well as employer’s although laws tend to lean more towards the employee when it comes to matters like employment benefits, terminations and compensations.
Settlement agreements are executed before employees are engaged and their rights are contained within. The settlement agreement is mutually agreed by both the employer and the employee and is signed by both parties. The general terms of a settlement agreement are that in return for certain pay an employee will not make other claims than those that are agreed in the contract. The employer, for example, may demand that the employee cannot claim compensation against termination quoting unfair dismissal. These settlements or agreements are drafted by legal counsels and employment law solicitors operating in the Cheshire area, such as Analysis Legal, are experts in drafting and executing these agreements. Many firms usually refrain from drafting these documents as they are lengthy and complicated, and any loopholes in them can spell trouble in a court of law.
This is why you should engage Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Cheshire as they are expert in such matters and have vast experience in executing settlement agreements. Similarly, an employee can also take the advice of an employment law solicitor before signing the settlement. A wily lawyer representing an industry can easily goad an employee into signing a settlement where the clauses are against the interests of the employee. So, an employee is also entitled to seek advice from their solicitor to secure his or her interests relevant to employment in that industry.

However, a settlement agreement is not valid until it is advised by a legal counsel related to employment laws. You must ensure that you seek a legal firm that is qualified and insured to counsel on those agreements. Call Analysis Legal on 0161 667 6100 for help with drafting settlement agreements - we are employment law solicitors operating in the Cheshire area, in the UK.

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