Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why it is important to engage employment law solicitors?

Employers need to ensure they are full abreast of current UK employment law in order to ensure that they are doing the best for them and for their business. An employee working in contravention to the rules of the company, an unfortunate accident, employment tribunal claims, high percentage of absenteeism, settlement agreements, and a range of other issues might crop up any time in a working environment, and the employer would need to be on high alert to prevent or resolve these situations quickly. Some of the issues experienced in a business setting can be troublesome,and as a result would require Employment lawyers in Manchester to find the right legal solutions for them.

You may have your own Human Resources department to handle employee grievances and other administrative issues in your establishment, but they may not be able to handle employment problems that are more legally complex. A settlement agreement for an instance would not be legally valid unless it is endorsed by an employment law solicitor. Any employment tribunal claim case will require legal representation and you shall have to appoint employment law solicitors to attend to that. Cases like termination of employment, redundancies, restructuring, employment and policies, various disciplinary proceedings and many others related to employee grievances may beyond an individual employer’s or an in-house Human Resource Departments’ capabilities and authority. 

Employment lawyers in Manchester provide expert advice and support on a full range of employment law issues. From new projects which require analyzing the pros and cons of the particular project, drawing employment agreements, downsizing your workforce and putting new policies in place,all need to be done in line with existing employment laws. The biggest advantage you have with engaging employment solicitors on your behalf is that they can manage and lead the entire process on your behalf, freeing you up to deal with other business matters. Having an expert legal team on your side can help your business be more successful and legally compliant.

If you are an employer of any size, you can get quality employment advice and support from us, and we at Analysis Legal have been providing legal advice and support to employers and employees in Manchester and Stockport for many years. You can call us on 0161 667 6100 to find out more about our services.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Get Legal Advice from Employment Law Solicitors in Stockport to Resolve Issues

If you are running a business employing staff, it is likely that at some point you will require a legal consultation regarding employment law. You might have your own Human Resources Department available at your premises and whilst they will be able to deal with much of the day to day business of HR, they may need additional help or support should there be any difficulties with your employees. Sometimes employees are not up to scratch, perhaps they are absent without leave, or they’re stealing or are dishonest, often in these cases the employer will need to tread carefully with regard to disciplining or dismissing the member of staff concerned. Employment law solicitors in Stockport offer expert employment law consultation to business for a fixed fee and you can also customize their services according to your requirements. 

Discipline and the adherence to company codes of conduct is important among your workforce and essential if your business is to achieve its production targets.If an employee constantly flouts the terms of their employment then this leaves them liable for disciplinary action. The HR often take care of these issues on a daily basis by issuing warnings, notices or suspensions. The issue becomes more complex when it reached the point where an employee must be fired, without sufficient grounds and the correct process and paperwork in place, the task would prove to be potentially problematic. But the experienced solicitors from a firm of Employment law solicitors in Stockport would handle the matter in the most competent manner and with great ease. If required they will also represent the employers in courts, in employment tribunals etc. 

The Employment Law Solicitors Manchester are equally experienced in fighting for the employee rights and offer advice in matters of unfair dismissals, settlement agreements and other employee grievances. A settlement agreement is not valid until it is verified by a registered employment solicitor, so it is important for an employee to get counseling and legal support from an employment solicitor at the time of accepting a settlement agreement. Employment solicitors are huge help, interpreting the employment laws for individual employees and employers who would require their expertise to resolve issues in a work place. In the UK, we provide legal help relevant to employment laws to employers and employees and if you are in need of our help to resolve matters you can call us on 0161 667 6100 or alternatively email your requirements to info@analysislegal.co.uk

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Why Do You Need Employment Law Solicitors to Execute Employment Settlements?

Settlement agreements are very important documents that are written contracts drawn up and signed by both the employee and the employer. It usually works out that the employer will consent to pay a specific salary amount for which the employee agrees not to raise any other legal claims or claimed they have been dismissed by unfair means. Settlement agreements may also concern the employment or termination of services as well.  These are lengthy complicated documents and so should be drawn up by expert hands such as those at Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Cheshire. Employers can seek employment advice from them or ask them to draw up the settlement and similarly an employee can consult these lawyers before accepting a settlement agreement. 

Only experienced employment lawyers are capable of drawing up or advising on such documents, and the Cheshire employment solicitors have hundreds of such agreements under their belt. They do this for both the employers and the employees depending on the request received.

It is important for you to understand the role of these employment solicitors because the settlement agreements could become invalid if counseling is not taken from them. The lawyers at this company are qualified and insured to provide these services to employees, and they will advise employees on what to accept and what they have to offer in return. This is important because it is often the basis on which disputes are generated.   If the settlement agreement is not acceptable to an employee, the solicitors will negotiate another one that is more favorable.

An employer would be wise to take the advice of an Employment Law Solicitors Stockport when they wish to reduce the size of a project that would require the termination of some employees. Most companies do this when they want to restructure, but they usually require legal assistance from employment solicitors to execute the process. The process is quite lengthy, and the employer will, therefore, need legal guidance. The firm of solicitors may offer to help terminate the employment contract of a certain employee or employees depending on the requirement for a fixed fee that would be highly cost efficient.

If you are a business operating in the UK it is likely you will need legal counseling on employment matters, so send an email to Analysis Legal at info@analysislegal.co.uk today and we will be at your service.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

You Can’t Run a Business These Days without Assistance from Employment Lawyers

The title of this article may seem a bit unbelievable but the hard truth is that employment law firms are good to have on your side when you are facing a dispute relating to your employees. Employee disputes arising out of employment contracts and other grievances could become complicated if not solved at the initial stages. Once the dispute flares up you may quickly realise that the in-house HR Department won’t able to handle it correctly, and the case may then reach a stage where court intervention is required to resolve the problem - and nobody wants that. One of the primary reasons therefore why you should have Analysis Legal Employment Lawyers Manchester on your payroll is that they are the foremost employment law experts in Manchester and are specialists in handling employee grievances as well as handling disputes arising out of statutory law violations.  

If you are a small to medium sized business then the HR Department you have in place at the moment should be able to handle issuing cause notices, explanations, domestic enquiries, suspensions and terminations. However for tasks beyond this you will probably require the expertise of an employment lawyer to represent you in case the case reaches the court eventually. Most terminations of the contract put in place by an employers do end up being challenged in the court and only employment solicitors are in a position to fight them.

As for Analysis Legal Employment Solicitors Manchester, they have the most experience in handling employee’s grievances as they specialise in practicing in the zone of employment law. The experience they have gained over the years stands them in good stead when they are facing tricky situations and their knowledge of employment law is one of the best in the country.  Usually they will try to settle disputes in-house and they do succeed most of the time and it is rare for cases to reach the courts once they have intervened on behalf of employers. The same can be said for employees as well when they hire the services of Analysis Legal LLP Employment Solicitors in Manchester to represent their cases.

The point learned here is that if you are an employer with a substantial number of employees working for you then you will face disputes, and you will need the help of employment solicitors to settle those disputes. Analysis Legal LLP is a firm of employment solicitors operating in the Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire areas and beyond and you can call us 0161 667 6100 if you need help with anything relating to employment laws.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Do Not Sign Settlement Agreements without Counsel from Cheshire Employment Law Solicitors

When it comes to employment contracts, the contemporary laws we have in the UK hugely differ from the laws enforced many years ago by the feudal systems. In a feudal system, the employee or servant did not have much say in the matters of employee’s rights because there were no government or courts to restrict the feudal lords. But today it is the 21st century, and laws have been put in place to safeguard the interests of employees as well as employer’s although laws tend to lean more towards the employee when it comes to matters like employment benefits, terminations and compensations.
Settlement agreements are executed before employees are engaged and their rights are contained within. The settlement agreement is mutually agreed by both the employer and the employee and is signed by both parties. The general terms of a settlement agreement are that in return for certain pay an employee will not make other claims than those that are agreed in the contract. The employer, for example, may demand that the employee cannot claim compensation against termination quoting unfair dismissal. These settlements or agreements are drafted by legal counsels and employment law solicitors operating in the Cheshire area, such as Analysis Legal, are experts in drafting and executing these agreements. Many firms usually refrain from drafting these documents as they are lengthy and complicated, and any loopholes in them can spell trouble in a court of law.
This is why you should engage Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Cheshire as they are expert in such matters and have vast experience in executing settlement agreements. Similarly, an employee can also take the advice of an employment law solicitor before signing the settlement. A wily lawyer representing an industry can easily goad an employee into signing a settlement where the clauses are against the interests of the employee. So, an employee is also entitled to seek advice from their solicitor to secure his or her interests relevant to employment in that industry.

However, a settlement agreement is not valid until it is advised by a legal counsel related to employment laws. You must ensure that you seek a legal firm that is qualified and insured to counsel on those agreements. Call Analysis Legal on 0161 667 6100 for help with drafting settlement agreements - we are employment law solicitors operating in the Cheshire area, in the UK.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Learn the Documentary Process of a Settlement Agreement Between Employee And Employer

It is quite important for everyone who is in employment to know the process of agreement between an employee and employer at the time that they get appointed. To follow the norms as formulated by law, there should be a formal agreement in place as soon as the appointment is made.  But in some cases it has been seen that the employee starts their job and spends some time doing it before there is an agreement in place.  These contract of employment documents are considered a contract between the employee and employer.  Under these documents, every employer will place some conditions on their employees including what the pay scale will be and any perks and amenities too.

Settlement Agreements are completely different documents than a contract of employment between employee and employer. A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement that sets out the full terms of a settlement between an employer and an employee. Under this agreement, the employer will agree to pay a certain amount of money to the employee in return for the employee agreeing to waive their rights to make a claim covered by the agreement to an employment tribunal or court. These agreements must be in writing, may include a reference and can be offered at any stage in the employment. Most of the time settlement agreements are used to resolve ongoing workplace disputes such as disputes over holiday pay and the like. These agreements can be proposed by either the employer or the employee, but more often than not they are proposed by the employer.

Employment is one of the most complicated areas of law, and Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Manchester have vast experience in all aspects of this.  They have dealt with settlement agreements on behalf of both employers and employees and have great knowledge in this area. They know that once a settlement agreement has been signed, the employee is unable to make then a claim about anything that is listed in the agreement, so it is important that the employee fully understands the document that they are signing.

As part of all settlement agreements, the employee must have received advice from a relevant independent adviser, such as a lawyer or a certified and authorised member of a trade union, and so this is where time should be spent talking to Analysis Legal's professional team. This way the employee will be given proper consultation on the rights that they reserve.  It may be that the employee is not aware of the complex legalities behind the settlement agreements, and so efficient advice can clear all confusions on this subject.  Likewise, employers should also get proper advice from the experts so that they do not face any legal problems at later stages.

Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Can Get The Best Claim for Employees

Every firm in business today, operates under employment law for the benefit of both the employer and employee. Employment laws are necessary to maintain ethical norms inside businesses and to help tackle any disputes happening between employers and employees.  It is common in most businesses for disputes to occur, unfortunately, and this could be for many reasons including unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, etc.  Employment laws exist for firms to be able to make the right kinds of judgement on how their company should be run in order for it to be operated fairly as a whole. Employment law also covers such things as staff handbooks, staff policies, and grievance policies to ensure they are all handled correctly.
Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Cheshire has vast experience in handling all kinds of employment law issues related with all aspects of employment. Their knowledge and wide experience does not just come from one area of industry; they are knowledgeable about all areas of business and commerce. Thus, you should rest assured in the knowledge that whatever your area of employment, you will get the right advice from Analysis Legal.
As stated previously, there are a few reasons why disputes in the workplace may happen such as sick leave, discrimination, grievances, retirement, resignations, etc. One common source of dispute is a settlement agreement, which is an important process that occurs before the termination of employment for an employee. Settlement agreements often cause disputes, as they can come as a complete surprise to the person on the receiving end. The settlement agreement is a compromise agreement that allows the terminated employee to receive compensation for their termination to cover their economic losses and living expenses until they can get a new job.
What the settlement agreement does, is bind the employee and employer together with the terms set out within. It is used mainly as a tool to satisfy the employee so that they remain on good terms with the company and do not put a claim in for unfair dismissal. It also ensures that none of the conversations that take place over the employee’s dismissal are made public, and this way both the employer and employee can talk frankly about what will be laid out in the settlement agreement. Using a settlement agreement allows the employee the freedom to negotiate the amount of money they would be happy with for their termination, so they can ensure they can meet their living expenses during their period of temporary unemployment.

Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitors Stockport offers all new clients a free initial consultation. So, if you have been faced with a settlement agreement at work, why not contact them for some advice? They are a team of qualified and experienced legal professionals with a vast knowledge of all kinds of employment issues.